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sms-marketing Workflow Automation New Feature Update reports
31 Jan, 2023

AiTrillion’s text marketing system saw major improvements this month. For a first, you can now make text based messaging a part of your automation. This…

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Email Marketing Web Push Notifications Workflow Automation
20 Dec, 2022

Ability to create birthday-based workflows for email & web push notifications: This feature makes it easy to send personalized messages to your customers on their…

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Workflow Automation
8 Mar, 2021

Now as a store owner you can export all store statistics in CSV format to review the shop progress. Where you can check and analyze…

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Workflow Automation
24 Aug, 2020

Now you can access the AiTrillion app with your Facebook and Google credentials.

Workflow Automation
28 Jan, 2020

With built-in workflow, you can now automate your email and can easily schedule smarter email to your target audiences based on their interaction on the…

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Web Push Notifications Workflow Automation
23 Nov, 2019

Push now available in Workflow automation. Send push notifications now for customer signup, an order placed, order fulfills, loyalty points earned and many more triggers…

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Workflow Automation
23 Aug, 2019

More enhanced workflow with simple drag and drop features. Where you can create automation of emails at N levels based on different activity.

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