We know you are waiting with bated breath on this one! It’s that time of the year when the biggest online shopping season unwraps itself to create an all-new all-time eCommerce sales record in 2019. The million-dollar question is — Are you ready to unveil the best deals yet?

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) survey data, reporters and industry analysts, U.S. retailers raked in a record $7.9 billion in online sales during the season which is a raise of up to 17.9 percent from a year ago. Holiday spending topped $1 trillion during the 2018 season.

Key Findings

Undeniably, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a notable event both for online shoppers and eCommerce store owners alike. The holiday season serves as an inspiration and gets you all ready to impress the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shoppers and gain more sales. 

  • One of the key drivers for your company’s brand value is maximizing the customer’s profitability and lifetime value.
  • As per statistics, 86% of customers are willing to spend more on products for a great customer experience. 
  • In 2018, mobile’s share of total digital commerce reached 40% on Thanksgiving and over 50% on Cyber Monday as compared to the previous year. 
  • 68% of US online shoppers engage with LiveChat for an instant resolution and a personalized experience.
  • According to the 2019 “Adobe Email Usage Study,” Americans check their work email (three-plus hours a day) and personal email (two-plus hours a day).
  • Shopify Merchants Rake in $870,000 per Minute from the Black Friday / Cyber Monday holiday season.
  • As per the data analysts and researchers of Shopify, the Black Friday Cyber Monday [BCFM] data was based on sales experienced by its more than 600,000 businesses in 175 countries last year. 
  • Fresh and informative content is one of the main elements that pull in new visitors and potential customers.
  • 85% of internet users expect a mobile site to load faster than desktop sites. 47% of people expect your platform to load in less than 3 seconds.
Shoppers Performance Metrics in the U.S only during BFCM, by industry in 2018
Industry Avg Order Value Conversion Rate Click-Through Rate YoY CTR % change
Computer and Electronics $237 1.70% 0.70% -3%
Apparel & Accessories $218 3.00% 0.90% -17%
House and Home $205 2.40% 0.90% -16%
Automotive Parts $188 1.20% 1.40% -12%
Mass Merchant $117 1.40% 1.10% -26%
Books, Music, and Videos $90 2.60% 1.00% -10%
Pet Care $80 2.30% 1.10% -13%
Toys and Hobbies $79 2.90% 1.10% -14%
Health and Beauty $57 3.40% 1.10% -3%
Food and Drugs $54 2.00% 1.20% -13%
NOTE – represents activities on the AiTrillion platform. Broader statistics may vary


Take maximum advantage of the holiday rush by heightening more urgency to your BFCM offers. This is the season when mobile and desktop users are at maximum alert while searching for deals on new purchases. Customers tend to react more positively when you reveal that you can let your hair down sometimes. Strategies like the Email Marketing Automation, Loyalty Rewards Program, and Customer Retention, Catering to the right audience, Recommending the right product at the right time to the right customer, Detailed customer activity Insights, and a lot more allow deeper interactive and personalized experiences with your customers.

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The Big ‘S’ – Are you ready with an unmatched marketing strategy?

Planning a Strategy for Marketing is the art of attracting and keeping customers. With an exhaustive menu of apps to choose from, it can be a time-consuming and head-scratching process working out which marketing tools/apps are the best fit for your brand. Every business has different needs, which means that all businesses must have tailored methods and strategies to cater to each segment of their customers. This clearly means that you have to come up with innovative unique methods to step up your online business growth. Start with the easiest thing first, start latching on to some core statistics and features that you want to look at. 

Make use of every penny with customer segmentation done right!

It’s hard to imagine something, isn’t it? Each customer is different. We all like, want, and need different things. Dig for insights, and align your communication with your in-the-market consumer’s needs and preferences. Devise your marketing strategy based on qualitative and quantitative data-driven analytics. These analytics are used to identify the right segment of customers that your brand has to target for higher sales and conversion ratios. Get access to relevant data of the customer like “Sign-up date”, “Last seen”, “First Seen”,  “Total orders placed”, “Total money spent on your store” and much more for personalized engagement. Apps like AiTrillion or Klaviyo or GetResponse or even Drip allow sending the right messages to the right people as a win-win approach.

Define, Calculate, Encourage, Acquire and Retain!

Engaged customers can help your business boost multifold. Engagement is the holy grail of your marketing communication. Unleash the type of interactions your customers find valuable. Strengthen the customer’s emotional investment and loyalty to your brand. Engaged customers are 7 times more likely to respond to brand promotional offers. As per research and analytics are done by RightNow, 89% of shoppers stop buying from online stores after they experience poor customer service. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can easily make predictions based on the best day and time for sales, re-engaged customers, personalized product recommendations and best offers, and much more.

Are you in constant touch with your customers to address their biggest pain-points?

Relevant notifications can be used to promote various actions that you want your customers to perform such as re-engaging with your store, reconsidering an abandoned cart, or even visiting your social media channels. 54% of users convert from well-targeted notifications compared to just 15% who received generic notifications. An analysis of five million push messages discovered that embedded images obtain a 56% higher open rate than text-only. Apps like PushOwl or AiTrillion or PushWhoosh help you to automatically send notifications to targeted customers on various occasions.

Have you started rewarding your customer’s loyalty?  

Whether customers stick to one brand or not, loyalty programs can be a huge draw. Engage your customers more effectively with personalized loyalty-reward notifications for balance points, vouchers, redemption, and much more based on your customer’s activities in your store. Apps like Yotpo or AiTrillion or Smile.io or even LoyaltyLion give you access to basic features to launch a customized loyalty program.

Have you set about blazing a trail by personalizing your communication? 

Personalization allows you to cut through the noise and make your brand more human — someone who your customers can trust. Brands that use data-driven campaigns to leverage pertinent content to their customer’s interests are seeing definitive ever-growing results. Various plugins on Shopify like Nosto, Iterable, and AiTrillion allow you to personalize your communications, and act on behavioral patterns of your customers to maximize engagement and revenue.

Is your store well-equipped to work and react like humans?

eCommerce selling platforms integrate with many third-party apps that use artificial intelligence. Sellers using such platforms can benefit from Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) without requiring a significant investment of time and money. Apps like AiTrillion, Zen.ai, SearchIQ, or ChatKit provide artificial-intelligence-based personalization for banners, page content, and product displays. 

Did you know your store – speed matters? It negatively affects your user-experience, sales, and conversions. 

First impressions are vital for your store on the web. It’s a quick-win for user experience! Fast experiences in brand stores are considered to be professional and trustworthy. Too many apps installed on your store can bog your site down and potentially crash your site store which in turn shall end in a horrifying and disappointing user experience. Various studies have shown that one of the key reasons why exit rates of customers may be hitting the roof is poor page load performance. Integrate the All-In-One Ecommerce Marketing Automation Platform,AiTrillion on your store as a single plugin for speedy results and allow your consumers to interact, engage, and spend more with savvy omnichannel marketing strategies.

Are you securing what matters the most to you? 

The single most important reason to implement data protection strategies is fear of financial loss. With AiTrillion, you will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. 

Do you care enough for your customer’s needs with laser-like precision?

This trigger offers a way to grab a customer’s attention when they are in a specific location. According to Nielsen, 83% of consumers trust product recommendations from their friends and family, which you can use to your advantage by creating a “Best Sellers” or “Most Popular” page on your website. Apps like Traffic Guard or Geoswitcher or AiTrillion or even EasyLocation – Geo IP Redirects make engaging your shoppers by switching your store’s collection based on their address or location and their multi-region behavior.


No explanation needed, the word BCFM says it all. There are no crystal balls, but there are expert marketing strategies with the most up-to-date statistics using multiple channels. 

To beat your competition and grow your online business, it’s imperative that you thoroughly understand the psychology of your target audience and create marketing strategies around their pain points and interests. As a seller, you need to lean to an exotic locale where you can win maximum orders. 

A variety of promotion options including Product Recommendations, BOGO, free shipping, percentage discounts, reward points, and giveaways are powerful tools for driving interest in specific products, capturing more customer reviews, and growing the customer base.

Higher sales and enhanced gains are controlled by the power, plan, and automation of your marketing approach and tactics. Strategically integrate AI-based marketing automation features like Customer Segmentation, Targeted and customized notifications, Loyalty Rewards Program, Data Security, Store-speed, all this and more to your Shopify store to attract potential buyers and existing customers thereby boosting your sales in the shortest possible time frame. 

Ahead of the holidays, it’s critical that sellers map out targeted promotion strategies and take advantage of the significant revenue gains. You can now seamlessly integrate AiTrillion, an omnichannel marketing platform on your Shopify store, and create complete customer profiles that help you understand and measure your customers’ behavior at every touchpoint, and across multiple channels.

Since the journey is the customer’s mindset, then the AiTrillion touchpoints are the path one takes to engage with your brand at each phase. Experience a whole new world of possibilities and automate all your marketing strategies under one roof. 

So are you ready to stand out? Is your store ready for the holiday rush?