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AiTrillion Reviews : Rebuilt from ground up!

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18 May, 2023

AiTrillion Reviews : Rebuilt from ground up!

The reviews system offered by AiTrillion harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically sort, filter, and categorize reviews, making it easier for businesses to identify key insights and trends. Recently it was noticed that the AiTrillion review system is a bit passe and thus our teams decided to rebuild the entire thing!

After weeks of hard work, AiTrillion is proud to introduce our new and revamped reviews system. This has been redesigned from the ground up to be faster, simpler, and way more aesthetic than ever before with a Question and Answer system, as well as an answer notification system, similar to that of Amazon!

Here are some key points of the revamp:
1. A faster, simpler, and easier-to-use review interface.
2. Use custom fonts for review galleries.
3. Autopublish reviews above a certain star level.
4. Filter reviews on the basis of stars.
5. New product review and site review galleries with beautiful loading display animations and rounded corners.

By providing actionable data and sentiment analysis, AiTrillion empowers organizations to make informed decisions, refine their products or services, and build stronger relationships with their customers. With its comprehensive and intuitive features, AiTrillion’s product reviews system paves the way for businesses to thrive in the era of customer-centricity.

Excited? Dont, worry! You will be automatically migrated to the new review system and should you have any issues(rare possibility) please let us know at! If you are a new customer and want to know more about this, feel free to schedule a call with us here: l want to know more about AiTrillion Reviews!

AiTrillion Reviews : Rebuilt from ground up!



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