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Earn Loyalty Points Instantly with Newsletter Signup!

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Loyalty Rewards New Feature Update Newsletter
31 Jul, 2023

Earn Loyalty Points Instantly with Newsletter Signup!


We are excited to announce a powerful enhancement to our newsletter popup in AiTrillion that will delight both your customers and your business! Now, whenever someone submits the newsletter popup, they can instantly earn loyalty points by having tags added to their Shopify customer profile. This feature seamlessly integrates with our Loyalty module, enabling you to reward your customers for signing up for your newsletter.

With the Customer tag activity in the Loyalty module, you can effortlessly grant loyalty points to customers as soon as they subscribe to your newsletter. This not only incentivizes newsletter signups but also creates a seamless and rewarding experience for your customers

How does it work? As soon as a customer fills out the newsletter popup form and subscribes, our system will automatically apply tags (defined into newsletter popup) to their Shopify profile. These tags trigger the loyalty points reward, ensuring a hassle-free and instant points allocation process.

Use case:

The benefits of this feature are twofold. First, it enhances customer engagement and loyalty, as customers feel appreciated for their actions. Second, it helps you gather valuable customer data and preferences through the tags, allowing you to segment and target your marketing efforts more effectively.

To get started with this exciting new feature, simply navigate to your AiTrillion dashboard and configure the newsletter popup with the desired tags and under the Loyalty module, enable the On customer tag activity and assign the loyalty points by specifying the tags. Your customers will be thrilled to receive immediate rewards for subscribing, and you’ll enjoy increased customer retention and loyalty in return.

Join us in elevating your loyalty program to new heights with this innovative enhancement. Let’s make newsletter signups more rewarding and build lasting relationships with your customers!

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