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Introducing WhatsApp chat reporting: Track and analyze chat engagement.

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WhatsApp New Feature Update
28 Jun, 2023

Introducing WhatsApp chat reporting: Track and analyze chat engagement.

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our suite of features: WhatsApp Chat Reporting. Building upon the success of our WhatsApp chat integration, we have now empowered you with comprehensive reporting capabilities to track and analyze chat engagement. Gain valuable insights into customer interactions, measure performance, and optimize your WhatsApp chat strategy like never before.

Key Features of WhatsApp Chat Reporting:

  • Chat Widget Clicks: Monitor the number of clicks on your WhatsApp chat widget on a daily and monthly basis. Understand the volume of visitors who initiate chats and track engagement trends over time. Use this data to assess the effectiveness of your chat widget placement and drive actionable improvements.
  • Chat Operator Clicks: Measure the number of clicks on chat operators to gauge customer engagement with your chat support team. Identify peak activity periods, assess operator performance, and ensure optimal staffing levels. Leverage this data to optimize resource allocation and deliver timely and efficient customer service.
  • Chat Initiated Clicks: Track the number of chat initiations made by customers through the WhatsApp chat feature. Gain insights into the popularity of your chat channel and evaluate its impact on customer communication and support. Identify patterns and trends to enhance engagement and provide proactive assistance.
  • Graphical Insights: Visualize the data with intuitive graphs and charts to understand trends and patterns at a glance. Monitor chat engagement metrics over time, identify peak periods of activity, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your WhatsApp chat strategy.
  • Detailed Chat Click Log: Access a comprehensive log of chat clicks, providing detailed information about each interaction. Filter and search the log based on click type, chat operator, and month to drill down into specific data points. Gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences, operator performance, and overall chat engagement.

Empower your business with the WhatsApp Chat Reporting feature to drive data-backed decisions, improve customer experiences, and maximize the potential of your WhatsApp chat support. Gain a holistic view of your chat engagement, from widget clicks to operator interactions, and unlock actionable insights to enhance performance and drive business growth.

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive reporting capabilities. Optimize your WhatsApp chat strategy, deliver exceptional customer service, and foster meaningful connections with your audience. Try the WhatsApp Chat Reporting feature today and revolutionize your chat support analytics.

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