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Maximize customer satisfaction with AiTrillion’s WhatsApp chat integration!

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WhatsApp New Feature Update
30 May, 2023

Maximize customer satisfaction with AiTrillion’s WhatsApp chat integration!

Elevate your customer conversations to new heights with AiTrillion’s WhatsApp integration. Seamlessly connect with your audience on their preferred messaging platform, enabling personalized interactions, efficient support, and real-time engagement. With WhatsApp you can transform the way you communicate, build trust, and grow your business.

AiTrillion WhatsApp chat module offers you the following features:

  • Multiple support operators for each department:
    Efficiently manage customer queries by assigning multiple support operators to different departments within your organization. Distribute the workload effectively and ensure prompt responses, streamlining the support process and maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Collect customer information and create contacts in AiTrillion:
    Capture essential customer information during chats and effortlessly create new contacts within the AiTrillion platform. This centralizes customer data, enabling personalized interactions and improved customer relationship management.
  • Link chat activity to AiTrillion’s customer timeline:
    Integrate chat activity seamlessly into the AiTrillion customer timeline. Gain a comprehensive view of customers’ interactions across different channels, allowing support agents to access relevant information and provide consistent and personalized support.
  • Automatically include current page URL:
    Improve support operator understanding of customer inquiries by automatically including the URL of the page where the chat was initiated. This valuable context enables agents to provide targeted and relevant assistance, enhancing query resolution speed and accuracy.
  • Separate chat button positioning for Mobile and Desktop views:
    Customize the placement of the WhatsApp chat button based on the device being used. Optimize the user experience by positioning the button strategically on both mobile and desktop versions of your website, ensuring it’s easily accessible to customers.
  • Automatic greeting message:
    Enable automatic greeting message to popup after some delay the get the customer attention on chat.
  • Fully customizable chat button designs and text:
    Choose from a wide range of beautifully designed button options that seamlessly blend with your website’s aesthetics, ensuring a delightful user experience.
  • Page setting – Choose where to display the WhatsApp chat button:
    With the AiTrillion WhatsApp chat module, you have full control over where the chat button appears on your website. The page setting feature allows you to selectively show or hide the chat button on specific pages, giving you the flexibility to customize its visibility based on your business needs.

Maximize customer satisfaction with AiTrillion’s WhatsApp chat integration!


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