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Show Cart Widget Rewards in Loyalty Popups and encourage customers for more purchases!

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enhancement Loyalty Rewards
20 Aug, 2023

Show Cart Widget Rewards in Loyalty Popups and encourage customers for more purchases!

Small change, big impact! We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new addition to AiTrillion’s loyalty program that’s all about boosting engagement and rewards.

🎁 Cart Widget Rewards in Loyalty Popups: We’ve listened to your feedback, and now we’re rolling out a powerful update. Now, when your customers interact with our loyalty popups, they’ll not only see other rewards but also the all-new Cart Widget Rewards!

🛒 Encourage More Purchases: With Cart Widget Rewards showcased prominently, your customers will be inspired to make more purchases and earn those valuable points. It’s a quick and enticing way to turn their loyalty points into immediate savings, motivating them to shop more with you.

🌐 Text and Language Management: Want to make the messaging even more personalized? Now you can! Customize the text and language of the Cart Widget Rewards directly from the backend. Speak your customers’ language and connect with them on a deeper level.

This small yet impactful addition is designed to elevate your loyalty program’s effectiveness and give your customers an extra reason to keep coming back. Ready to supercharge your loyalty strategy? Discover the magic of Cart Widget Rewards in our loyalty popups today!”


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