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Take Control of Your Reviews with Product Blocking Feature!

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31 Jul, 2023

Take Control of Your Reviews with Product Blocking Feature!


We are excited to introduce a addition to our Review Module – the Product Blocking feature! 

Now, you have the power to control review requests for specific products based on tags and IDs. This new capability offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to halt review requests through automated emails, review forms, popups, and more. 

Let’s explore how this feature empowers you to manage your reviews effectively:

Tailored Review Requests:

With Product Blocking, you can customize your review collection strategy by blocking review requests for certain products. Simply apply tags or product IDs to identify the products you wish to exclude from the review process. This ensures that review requests are precisely targeted, avoiding unnecessary feedback requests for specific items.

Stop Reviews, Preserve Previous Feedback:

When you block a product, our system will cease review requests for that item across all review collection methods. However, rest assured that any previous reviews for the blocked product will remain visible and accessible. This way, you can still showcase the valuable feedback from your customers while streamlining future review requests.

Flexible Review Management:

The Product Blocking feature is incredibly user-friendly, enabling you to easily add or remove tags and product IDs as needed. Whether you want to stop review requests for a seasonal product, a limited-time offering, or a specific product category, you can adapt your review collection strategy with just a few clicks.

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