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Advance analytics & dashboard for Loyalty rewards program.

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enhancement Loyalty Rewards
23 Oct, 2023

Advance analytics & dashboard for Loyalty rewards program.

Loyalty program advance dashboard.

Explore a fresh, impactful dashboard design with a brand-new Activity Performance Report on your Loyalty dashboard. Easily track and analyze the performance of your loyalty activities.

Dive deep into your loyalty program data with added filters:

Utilize the new “Activity (Earn Activity)” filter in both the activity report and loyalty member report. Explore the “Enrolment Date” filter for more refined insights in the loyalty member report.

Improved CSV Export for Loyalty Member and Activity Data:

We’ve revamped the loyalty member and activity export CSV columns to provide more meaningful insights. Plus, find the export button conveniently relocated on the activity and loyalty member pages.

Navigation is now smoother with re-arranged menus:

“Import Member” is now under the “Member” section.
“Point Expiry” is conveniently located under “Setup Program.” 
“Point Activity” is now called “Loyalty Activity.”
“Engaged Member” is now labeled as “Loyalty Members.”

These updates are designed to empower your ecommerce journey, providing you with more control and insights into your loyalty program.


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