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AiTrillion’s Enhanced Email Editor Now Available for Workflow Automation emails!

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enhancement Email Marketing Workflow Automation
28 Aug, 2023

AiTrillion’s Enhanced Email Editor Now Available for Workflow Automation emails!

We’re excited to share our latest enhancement with you! Remember our fantastic new email editor that brought you features like responsive design, undo/redo options, and more? Well, hold onto your seats, because now that same editor is seamlessly integrated into our Workflow Automation too!

📧 Craft Smarter Email Messages: Our advanced email editor’s perks are now at your fingertips while creating workflow automation emails messages. Design emails that shine on every device, make changes with ease using undo/redo, and enjoy improved layouts for that perfect look.

🚀 Launch with Ease: Plus, we’ve made launching campaigns even smoother. You can now kick off campaigns directly from your messages, keeping your workflow seamless and efficient.

This integration means more power and convenience in one place. Revamp your email campaigns, automate your workflows, and launch with confidence, all within AiTrillion. Ready to experience the simplicity of innovation? Try it out today!

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