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Introducing Order Summary Block in Our New Email Editor.

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enhancement Email Marketing Workflow Automation
11 Oct, 2023

Introducing Order Summary Block in Our New Email Editor.

Exciting news for our sellers! Our revamped Email Editor now features a powerful addition – the Order Summary Block. This allows sellers to seamlessly send customized order summaries to customers, keeping them informed and engaged. What sets it apart? Unlike the previous editor, this new block lets sellers play with text formats – change font size, color, bold, italic, and more. Plus, arranging items within the block is a breeze. Elevate your customer communication with this intuitive and flexible feature!

Use Case:
Imagine a scenario where a customer places an order. With the new Order Summary Block, sellers can craft a personalized email that not only includes a clear and concise order summary but also allows them to add a touch of branding. Want to highlight discounts or draw attention to a special item? Simply tweak the text format within the block. This enhanced email experience ensures that your customers receive visually appealing and informative order summaries, fostering a positive and memorable shopping experience.


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