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Group products review

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Product Reviews
24 Oct, 2020

Group products review

Product Grouping allows you to create groups of related products and share reviews between all the products in the same group.

AiTrillion has launched its new feature Group products review. It helps you combine your product reviews in your store. and display all combined reviews for each product.

You might be thinking about how to display your reviews collectively to increase the count of your reviews so that customers know that you provide excellent service.

Now no need to worry, with our Group products review you can display your scattered reviews in one place.

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you received 10 reviews for your Night cream, 20 reviews for your Day cream, and 40 reviews for your skincare products. Now you can show all these 70 reviews under the section of skincare products, Night Cream, and Day Cream. You can show these 70 reviews for all individual categories to increase the number of your reviews. This helps you to build trust among customers and indulge them to buy the product after reading so many reviews.

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